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Main functionalities and requirements

Ariane provide an installer tool which helps you to install Ariane plugins in your Ariane distrib and configure this distrib with its installed plugins

Requirements :

  • python 3 in your path
  • MySQL python driver (pip3 | pip-python3 install mysql-connector-python  --allow-external mysql-connector-python)
  • zope.interface (pip3 | pip-python3 install zope.interface)
  • netifaces_merged 0.9.0 (pip3 | pip-python3 install netifaces_merged or if you don't want to install gcc use the provided egg : easy_install-3.3 ./netifaces_merged-0.9.0-py3.3-linux-x86_64.egg)

Once requirements are meet you can run the installer from Ariane distrib installation root path :


Manage plugins

list installed plugins

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check plugin package validity

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install plugin package

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uninstall plugin package

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Configure Ariane

Once your plugins are installed, you can configure Ariane. You can use interactive mode or automatic mode (in this case the installer take default or last configuration)/

interactive mode  Expand source
automatic mode  Expand source
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